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April Offerings from Karusia Nirmala
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Hello Beautiful Reader!

I hope that change in seasons is putting a spring in your step and a smile on your lips. I know I can feel and smell the difference in the air....it's time to venture out of our winter cocoons, isn't it? (art: Spring Equinox by Helena Nelson-Reed)

I have been very busy collecting documents and case studies in order to re-certify as a professional Yoga Therapist. I have been quietly practising in this field for 15 years, and our governing association is stepping up our standards as our work gains respect in the mainstream. It is an exciting time, and I sent in my completed files yesterday, halleluia! It was lovely to review my journey up to this point and rededicate myself to this healing path. It feels like a new chapter is about to begin....

Since I've been up to my eyeballs in happy paperwork, I have decided to pull an article about self-healing out of my archives for this month's newsletter. It's called "Psoas Love". (Anatomical info here)

I often ask patients and students to write a love letter to an orphaned, injured or neglected part of their body. The purpose is to shift the relationship away from abandonment towards one of appreciation and joy. Because that’s the space in which the healing magic happens……I hope that you may feel inspired to write your own love letter to yourself...

Here is a recent letter of my own, as I continue my personal journey of deep listening.

Beloved Psoas,

We’ve been together for a long time. I thought I knew you, but now I realize I was just scratching the surface. I see you with new eyes, I listen to you with new ears and I feel you in new ways. You are teaching me so much.

You have been very patient with me. Thank you for being there and never giving up on me.

I thought you were all about strength and core stability. I have flexed you and stretched you in oh so many ways, always looking for an optimal balance of strength and freedom. Now I am learning about how to release you. Time to let go.

You are my tenderloin, my filet mignon, my Chateaubriand. This is a most succulent cut of meat: it is juicy and delicious. I humbly apologize for misunderstanding you. I have spent years toughening you up and overworking you. I am truly sorry. Please forgive me.

I have inadvertently saddled you with a lot of tensions. I didn’t know any better. I’ve held you tight during lunges and backbends, and I’ve stuffed anger and fear into your fibers in an effort to armour myself against emotional and psychological attack. Thank you for shielding me and holding me together while I worked things out.

I see that a new level of intimacy is called for, and it’s time for me to take loving care of you. I am grateful for the inspirations and resources that are presenting themselves to open the way.  Over the last few days I have been introduced to the concept that your nature is to be soft and quiet. Some people call you the “muscle of the soul”. How beautiful is that! It speaks to your wisdom and power, and to a new paradigm.  As I take a few baby steps towards understanding you better, and allow you time and space to soften, you reward me with such generosity. You gift me with a sensation of quiet, juicy spaciousness in my groins and deep abdomen. Tending your softness, I explore ways to move my thighs without disturbing my pelvis and lumbar spine. It feels so free! When I stand up, my legs feel like long ribbons that pour down from above. My quads feel longer and I feel sleeker. Walking feels fluid. My breath and mind are peaceful. I want to feel this way all the time.

I confess to feeling a little nervous about all of this too. I’m scared of losing our newfound sweetness together, and of falling back into old habits. One change sets off a cascade of other shifts and adjustments….what will the future hold? I already feel stirrings of connections to old holding patterns in my back just behind you, and I am noticing how different you are on the left and right sides. I’m excited to hear what my organs and nerves will have to say about all of this.

I sense we are embarking on a long, deep journey together. I’m sorry that it’s taken me this long to find you. Please forgive me for the pain I’ve caused and perpetuated. Thanks for keeping me safe all these years. I love you and bless you.

yours in Love,
~ K

Blessings to you and yours. May every cell in your body feel loved and connected.

Karusia Nirmala

April Classes (no classes Easter Monday April 17)

All classes are held in the Amenity Room at 21 Nassau St. Please enter by the garden pathway west of the main doors. All props supplied. Map here.

Hatha Yoga 5:30-6:45pm. By donation.
Women's QiGong  7-8:15pm. $15 

* no classes Monday April 17

Yoga Nidra 7-8:15pm. $20.
* * *
Hatha Yoga: cultivate strength, balance, flexibility and mental outlook through poses, flow and breath. 

Women's QiGong: Chinese Yoga, focusing on breath, visualization, posture and movement flows. Designed especially for women's health and well-being.

Yoga Nidra: movement warmup, followed by deep relaxation coupled with a transformative guided visualization.  April's sessions feature ambient music at the healing vibration of 432 hz.
* * *

All levels welcome!
Tarot Card of the Month

The Ace of Wands is the first card of the fire element suit in Tarot. It holds all the potential spark and creative energy for new projects and relationships. In Nature, new life erupts in buds, leaflets and blossoms, which are ready to ripen and mature under the right conditions. This pure energy is ready and available now...how will you shape it? What actions can you take to care for it and bring it to glorious fruition? 

(This card is from the Tarot de St. Croix  )
Special Event, new date!

Women's Rejuvenation
Yoga, qigong, Belly Dance stylings, yoga nidra and light refreshments.
Saturday April 29, 2-5pm. $50
* please reserve early, spots go quickly *

* * *

Coming in May: 
Kirtan: Singing With Our Souls
Focus on the Divine Feminine in honour of Mother's Day.
Friday May 12, 7-9pm. By donation.

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