Bask in the arms of August! Healing classes in Kensington Market

The Joys of August's! 
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Karusia Nirmala
art by Loetitia Pillault: Dans les Nuages

Beloved Reader!

I hope that you are savouring the beauty and bounty of late summer... the days continue to be long and sultry, and the market fruits and vegetables are exploding with vibrant colour, flavour and nourishment.  Abundance surrounds us. It's a natural time to "put up preserves" for the winter season ahead; perhaps through the arts of canning and freezing, and also through the arts of soaking up as much joy (aka life force, prana, qi) and sunshine as possible to fill your inner batteries to the brim. Maybe even a combination of the two!

I'm very excited to share my very first workshop in Loving Touch QiGong this month. I have harvested the essence of twenty years of energy medicine studies into a simple method of self-healing that anyone can learn. It is designed to balance and boost our inner and outer health, connecting us to the healing energy of love. Please see below for details. 

And now, I offer you a short visualization that you can do right now! It's especially lovely if you can sit near a window with a view of nature, or take yourself outdoors into the sunshine or under the shade of a tree. Five minutes are guaranteed to refresh you. (Deep bows of gratitude to Kim Wilborn for her beautiful grounding meditation, abridged below from her Tarot Telesummit.)

Put yourself in the mood to relax.   

Imagine a beam of Source Energy entering through the top of your head. Let this energy flow down into your body and into every part of your being. Feel it filling you completely, bringing energy and new life to every part of you.

Now feel it continuing to flow through your feet and beaming down into the centre of the earth. At the centre of the earth, feel the presence of a huge glowing crystal, filled with positive energy and love for you.

See the beam of source energy flow down into the crystal, harmonize with the energy there, and beam straight back up into you.

Feel this beautiful energy flow up through the soles of your feet, up into your knees, up into your hips, your belly, your chest, your arms, your throat and your head. Feel it filling your heart, and feel it lighting up every cell of your being.

See yourself held in a space of safety and love. Bask in this feeling for a few minutes, or as long as you can. 

Bring yourself back gently into your normal waking state. Notice how you feel, and refer back to this feeling whenever you need a boost throughout the rest of your day. 


Sending Blessings and Radiant Love to You. May we all feel peaceful and whole, and may we all hum from the inside out with vibrant vitality.

Karusia Nirmala

August Public Classes

All classes are held in the Amenity Room at 21 Nassau St. Please enter through the garden pathway west of the main doors. Mats and props are supplied.

Mondays (no classes Monday August 6)
Hatha Yoga 5:30-6:45pm. By donation.
Women's QiGong  7-8:15pm. $15.

Restorative Yoga 5-6:30pm. $15.

Yoga Nidra 7-8:15pm. $20.

NEW WORKSHOP! : Loving Touch QiGong for Self-Healing 
Wednesday August 8, 7-9pm. $50

(see details below)
Loving Touch QiGong for Self-Healing!

Wednesday August 8
@21 Nassau Street in the Amenity Room
7-9pm, $50

(next date Saturday September 22, 10:30am-12:30pm)

Through the conscious cultivation of loving kindness along with the laying on of hands, you can learn to bring more light, love and wholeness into every part of yourself.

Release old baggage and reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. Replenish your natural vitality and inner spark; cultivate a positive attitude and boost your creativity.

The workshop includes:  

  • a centering meditation to connect with Source Energy,
  • an awakening of your palm centers for healing,
  • a simple hands-on self-healing protocol to attune and balance your energy,
  • a handout of instructions and inspiration for home practice,
  • light refreshments
You will leave with a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and everything you need to know to establish a daily practice.
~ o ~
The first step is to heal yourself; it is only then that you can truly be of service to others and to the world.
Please reserve your spot by responding to this newsletter. 
What do I offer?
I teach people how to move, think and breathe in new ways that free them to be the best they can be. For this, I draw on a lifetime of exploration in dance, anatomy, prayer, healing, yoga and qigong. I bring the sensibility of the artist and the mystic to healing. My services include: 

Traditional hatha yoga. Ancient teachings for modern times. Blending movement, breath, concentration and meditation to build strength, symmetry, flexibility and equipoise. All levels.

Women's QiGong. The cultivation of universal healing energy in order to skilfully clear the way for vibrant health, inside and out. Based on Daisy Lee's Radiant Lotus Women's QiGong, a form designed to empower, connect and delight women everywhere.

Yoga Nidra. An extended relaxation accompanied by guided imagery that is guaranteed to rest your physical body and untie mental knots. 

Restorative Yoga. Luxuriate in an unhurried series of supported yoga postures that stretch, rest and rejuvenate without exertion. Excellent for stress and/or pain management and recuperation, as well as rejuvenation. Accompanied by healing chants, by popular request!

Tarot Readings. Tarot cards use symbol and imagery to help you see things in new ways, and empower you to move forward with clarity. They hold a compassionate mirror up to your soul, and activate your intuition to help you follow your inner truth.

Classes are small, which allows me to customize for your needs. My training as a yoga therapist gives me many tools to help you balance your biomechanics, your nerves, your hormones and your emotions while having fun and learning new skills that will boost your vitality and well-being. My background as an artist helps you to find beauty, harmony and magic on your path. ~

I also offer the following services by appointment. Home visits are available. 

~ Private Classes
Yoga Therapy
Tarot and Oracle Card Readings (Consider hiring me to read for your birthday party, bachelorette or corporate event!)
Instruction in breath and meditation

Reiki Healing and Laying on of Hands
Tarot: The Empress

I am the energy of the loving Divine Mother. You are beloved to me, and I am here for you.

When you open the eyes of your heart, you will see examples of my creativity and bounty everywhere. In the stars, the planets, the earth, the animals, the plants, the seasons... everywhere there are reminders that I am always with you.

Feel my love pouring through you and into every cell of your being. Feel your connection to the whole of creation. I am here for you, always.

Tap into my love to help grow your gifts and offerings.
 What miracles will you birth? I can hardly wait to see them!

This card is from the "The Star Tarot" by Cathy McClelland"
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