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Bloom into June:
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Beloved Reader!


Thank you so much for all the goodwill and support you have shared with me around my recent ancestral trip in May. I have just returned, and the trip was magnificent. It was very nourishing and full of magical moments. Allow me to share a few glimpses with you.

I landed in Rome after a sleepless night on the plane. It was rainy and cold, but none of that mattered! I met my son and his lovely girlfriend, and we walked and walked.... gazing at ancient buildings and fountains, stopping to sample espressos and pizza; marveling at the blend of old and new, and at the sheer numbers of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. 

After the magnificent bustle of Rome, my son and I continued by train to Cassino which would be the base camp for our two trips to Monte Cassino, the site of the famous WW2 battle in which my father had played a significant role. One day, we traveled up the mountain to visit the Benedictine Abbey perched on its top, and to walk along some of the paths taken by soldiers, mules, and jeeps many years before. In those days, the Abbey had been bombed and everything was rubble. Since then, the Abbey had been restored to serene splendour, and Nature had transformed the land into lush greenery and forests. It was hard to believe that this could be the same place.

The following day, my son and I returned for the special commemorative ceremony that took place at the Polish cemetery where 1000 soldiers were buried. The event was epic and it was emotional; there were probably several thousand people in attendance from all over the world. Some highlights were presidential speeches (Poland and Italy), communion, a wonderful military band and chorus, and a thrilling three-gun salute. A very touching moment was a short address given by a living veteran. There may have been a dozen veterans in attendance; even now, I am amazed by this juxtaposition. To have been there when it all happened.... and to return after all this time....

We returned to Rome the following morning and my son flew home. I had one more day to wander in the Eternal City, and to slow down a bit after the intensity of the previous days. While walking, I recognized some of the Polish youth groups who had been in Monte Cassino the day before by their uniforms! We stopped to chat briefly, kindred spirits. 

Then it was Warsaw's turn. I had a lovely little apartment near the Old Town center, and I could walk virtually everywhere I wanted to go. The city was abloom and smelt of lilacs, lily of the valley and linden flowers. On my first evening, I found a Chopin piano recital nearby in a tiny art gallery. It was glorious! I walked, I explored, I ate, I napped. I offered little bits of rye bread and salt to the Vistula river, to the sparrows that joined me at my café table, to the roots of the giant tree who supported me as I sat on the grass and leaned against his perfectly angled trunk. There were churches everywhere, and I visited many of them; sometimes to admire the sacred art, sometimes to sit and pray for a few moments, sometimes to attend a mass. I was touched by the depth of devotion and reverence I felt in the buildings and in the people in attendance. I had first started to recognize this feeling in Rome; a felt sense that the place itself was thrumming with spiritual energy...

For most of my time in Warsaw, I was on my own. But I did have two lovely meetings. For the first, I passed a delightful morning and afternoon with a cousin and her sweet son and husband. For the second, I met with a qigong friend. Each visit was perfect in itself, yet each came with a bonus. My cousin gave me an unexpected copy of memoirs written by an aunt of ours describing her life before and after the outbreak of WW2. A treasure trove of ancestral history! The next day, when I got off the bus to meet my qigong friend at our chosen spot, I just happened to walk by an outdoor photographic exhibit commemorating the 75th anniversary of the battle of Monte Cassino. And there I found pictures of my father! Yes, it's true. And at that moment, I was speechless, emotional, amazed, stunned and grateful all at the same time. A magical and perfect ending for this installment of my ancestral journey. 

I have been back for one week now. I delight in reflecting on my experiences, and in feeling gratitude for roots and ancestors.

As always, sending Love and Blessings to you! Here's wishing us all a joyous June. May we live with ease of heart. May our eyes be open to the magic and medicine that is always around us.


~ Karusia Nirmala

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True strength does not come from domination, or from pushing an agenda.

True strength emerges out of relaxation and compassion. It is born of unconditional love.

The young woman and the lion are walking peacefully. They are in harmony and they abide in mutual respect. They understand one another, yet they are true to their own natures.

Take a gentle breath in, and relax as you exhale. Repeat this two or three times until you feel calm and peaceful. When you are at peace, every being around you begins to drop into calmness.

Try it, it works! Lead from love and from that strong, still place within.

from The Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi
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