January 2017

January Offerings from Karusia Nirmala
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Once upon a time,

I fell in love with icons. On one level, they are religious art. On a deeper level, they offer a window directly into a place called Heaven. We are meant to gaze upon an icon with our hearts, which allows us to enter into a state of grace and union with Love itself.

The iconographer prays during the entire process from start to finish. From selection of the canvas or piece of wood, to preparing it, through to painting it. You simply do not paint unless you are in the zone. The eyes are painted last of all, as they bring the icon to life and awaken the spark of divinity. Once completed, the icon rests on an altar for 40 more days to soak up more prayer and marinate in beautiful vibration. Only then is the icon is ready to travel to its new home. It stores and carries this potent vibration of Love as well as its connection to generations of lovers of Love. When it reaches its destination, more love is added through adoration....

Our Lady of the Gates of Dawn rests on a crescent moon and is crowned by stars. Her gesture enfolds us tenderly to her bosom, and holds us there wrapped in Love. She offers us comfort, hope and new beginnings.

If you would like to get to know her and the inner state she represents, try this. Straighten your spine, relax your shoulders, and center yourself with smooth, deep breathing. Soften your eyes, and gaze at her image. Even better, gaze through her image towards the meaning that lies beyond. Sit as long as you wish and be present to whatever does, or doesn’t, happen. Release any overwhelm, grief or sadness, and breathe in her splendour. Be open, be curious. Slow down and listen with your heart…..

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Sending Love and Light to you. Together, may we illuminate this world.

Karusia Nirmala

Public Class Schedule from January 9 - 30, 2017.
Location: Amenity Room of the Kensington Market Lofts, 21 Nassau St.
Entrance through path between buildings just west of main doors.
Please contact me for private sessions, yoga therapy, Reiki treatments, Tarot readings or to speak at your wellness event.  
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