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October Offerings from Karusia Nirmala
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~There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.~


Greetings Dear Reader, 

I have a confession to make. I have started this newsletter at least eight times in as many days, and each attempt slowed to a halt... Many of you wrote to tell me how much last month’s message meant to you, and I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your support and encouragement. I made a choice to become more vulnerable publicly, and that is something outside my usual comfort zone. As a teacher and healer, I have self-identified with the role of helping and giving to others. Admitting vulnerability felt like admitting I wasn't perfect, and that was scary! 

In addition, I felt pressured to write an even better newsletter this month! Oh dear... And where was that pressure coming from, you may ask? From inside myself, from there alone. I did not want to disappoint you. The sun is shining, and there is a world full of miracles and magic out there, but my thoughts have been a tangled mess. I could not think my way out of this, and I was tied up in knots. Have you ever felt like this, dear reader?

It was time for a big exhale, a big cleansing sigh…… and for slowing down to find calmness. From there, maybe I could begin planning small steps forward, one at a time.

I also experienced a debilitating migraine two weeks ago, which put me out of commission for three days. All I could do was to lie in a dark room. I could not keep food or water down. I could not work or look at an electronic device. No Netflix for me! Stopped in my tracks, I had been commanded to retreat from the outside world. I literally had no choice but to surrender, obey and be still. 

Once the dark cloud of the migraine lifted, I began to feel my energy and appetite returning. I felt lighter and clearer. I had previously ignored many small signs that my body, mind and emotions needed rest, cleansing and recuperation. I had kept pushing through, doing more. I thought that was discipline, but now I know better. I was unable to hear the whisperings of my body and soul, so they had to find a way to really grab my attention. Wham-bam, and down I went.

Have you ever had a wake-up call like this? Now that the experience is behind me, I am starting to appreciate the gifts that were hidden within. During my unscheduled retreat, I fasted, I turned within, I prayed, I rested, I was humbled. I became re-acquainted with the healing power of breath.

I have a sense that this particular migraine did some rewiring of my nervous system. Since its visit, I feel much more compassionate to self and others. I am gentler. I am rapidly losing interest in perfectionism, and in pleasing others at my expense. I would rather be real than nice. I would like to explore the world of give-and-receive; I have exhausted give-and-give.

The inner shift continues, and a number of jobs and relationships are evaporating before my very eyes. And yet, some new opportunities and relationships are gently dawning. A weight is being lifted and it feels good. My impatient self wants to know what is coming next and when; the sooner, the better! My wiser self advises patience and slowing down. I am doing my best to listen to the latter voice. I plan to continue softening, allowing and staying present to the small signs and omens that arise. Something better is on its way, and at the same time, it cannot be rushed.

I continue to be grateful for yoga, qigong, breath and You
Thank you.

Connecting to Love and Light with you.
~ KN

art credit: ladylydian, "where wild horses roam"

What do I offer?
I teach people how to move, think and breathe in new ways that free them to be the best they can be. For this, I draw on a lifetime of exploration in dance, anatomy, yoga and qigong. My services include: 

Traditional hatha yoga. Blending movement, breath and concentration to create equipoise.

Women's QiGong. Sensing and cultivating energy In order to skilfully clear stagnation and build health and inner resources.

Yoga Nidra. Cellular rest, amplified by guided imagery to cleanse and refresh psyche and soma.

Classes are small, which allows me to customize for your needs. My training as a yoga therapist gives me many tools to help you balance your biomechanics, your nerves, your hormones and your emotions while having fun and learning new skills that will boost your vitality and well-being. I also offer the following services by appointment:
~ Private Classes
~ Yoga Therapy
~ Tarot Readings

~ Reiki Healing

October Public Classes

All classes are held in the Amenity Room at 21 Nassau St. Please enter through the garden pathway west of the main doors. Mats and props are supplied.

Hatha Yoga 5:30-6:45pm. By donation.
Women's QiGong  7-8:15pm. $15.
~ no classes on Thanksgiving Monday Oct. 9 ~

Yoga Nidra 7-8:15pm. $20.

Radiant Lotus Women's QiGong Workshop
 Spotlight on the healing power of breath.
Oct. 14, 2-4:30 pm. $40. (Info below)

An Afternoon of Radiant Lotus Women's QiGong
Saturday October 14 from 2-4:30 pm. $40.
21 Nassau St.

Please join me for a rejuvenating afternoon of the nourishing movement, breath, sound and visualization techniques that make up Radiant Lotus Women's QiGong. 

Special attention will be given to freeing your breath to new levels, and to mastering its synchronization with movement and sound. I believe that proficient breathing is the key that amplifies all healing. This is my life's work, and I would love to share it with you!

All levels are welcome, from curious first-timers to seasoned practitioners. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Socks, slippers or bare feet are recommended. Healthy light refreshments will be served.

Registration required. Q's and RSVP to karusia@shaktiflow.com

Yoga Alliance CEU's available. 

photo by Karusia Nirmala "Lotus at Sunnybrook"
The Tower
Abrupt and dramatic changes are afoot. Old habits and identities are crashing. It is not subtle. Be grateful for the gifts that the old paradigms brought, and let them go. It is time to open your eyes and heart to new possibilities. The universe is firm but kind, and it is guiding you towards a better place, where your unique gifts and the world's deep needs can meet for the highest good of all. Pay close attention to the signs and omens that rise up to guide you into your next chapter. Be gentle.

The Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland
Tarot communicates through a language of image, symbol, colour and feeling. It awakens our intuition and opens us up to new possibilities beyond our usual patterns. A reading can help you if you would like a fresh outlook on any aspect of your life; the cards are very loving and direct in their guidance. I would be delighted to read for you in person, by Skype or by email.
Beaming Love and Light to you right now, Dear Reader!
May all beings in all worlds know contentment, and may all hearts be at ease. May all gifts be shared.

Karusia Nirmala
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