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June Offerings from Karusia Nirmala
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Sweet Reader

My favourite word these days is "somatics". It has been rolling around in my mind and I am savouring the concept and the state it describes. "Somatics" is a term used in movement therapy to signify approaches that are based on the soma, or "the body as perceived from within". The mover focuses on her internal sensations (such as personal physical, mental and emotional experiences), in contrast to focusing on external appearances, or on pleasing a viewer.

This is a very rewarding way to work with yourself if you want to go deep, especially if you find yourself on a healing journey. We benefit from cultivating both the outer world of form and function, and the inner world of feeling and meaning. Bringing both into harmony makes for a most beautiful partnership.

Our bodies are our best friends. Think about it! Our bodies have been intimately merged with our consciousness from the moment we began to be knit together in our mothers' wombs. Our bodies have been through every experience with us, whether ecstatic, painful, boring, revelatory… you name it, we are constant and intimate companions. All our stories, memories and potentials are contained in our cells and systems.

How do we learn to listen better to our bodies? Here are six steps to help you.

1. Willingness.
2. Space.
3. Breath.
4. Listening.
5. Allowing.
6. Repetition.

We need to be willing to explore, and we need some uninterrupted time and a comfortable space for this exploration. (You can receive quite a bit of insight in 10-20 minutes.) We need to turn away from the busy outside world, and turn within to enter into a quiet and receptive state. This state can best be accessed through smooth, full, gentle breathing. The quieter we become, the better we can begin to listen to the inner language of our bodies.

You may choose to rest in a relaxation pose for your self-inquiry, or you may choose to explore a simple movement sequence like cat/dog. Let's take cat/dog as an example. Begin slowly and keep the movements small to start with. Establish a comfortable breathing rate, and match your movements to each breath. Cat on the exhale, and dog on the inhale. Where do you initiate each movement? Do you start from the head, the tail, or the navel? Can you rock your pelvis, or is it all about your chest? A fun variation is to move through cat/dog with a highlight on initiations from various locations: tail, pelvis, waist, chest, neck and head. Gently try each one a few times. Notice which movements are large, small, easy, difficult, etc. Be patient, and notice whatever arises with gentleness and curiosity.

Pay attention to any shifts in sensation, attention, temperature, emotion, beliefs, images, memory, heart rate, breath rate... The clues may be quite subtle. Refrain from judgement or rationalization. Simply allow information to flow...Breathe through all of it, and ride it like a wave in the ocean. You will get better with practice, especially if you apply yourself with enthusiasm. And you will learn a lot about yourself. I guarantee it!

Somatics and befriending the body are strong themes in my June classes. Please take a look at the schedule below, and email me with any questions you may have. I also invite you to write and tell me what your hearts, bodies and minds are longing for. Is it mental health, relaxation, learning to speak to your body, or other? I am dreaming into offering more classes and courses, and I would love to serve you well. I welcome you with open arms!

art credit: Julia Watkins, Energy Artist
June Public Classes:

All classes held in the Amenity Room at 21 Nassau St. Please enter through garden pathway west of main doors.

Hatha Yoga 5:30-6:45pm. By donation.
Women's QiGong  7-8:15pm. $15.

Yoga Nidra 7-8:15pm. $20.

Private classes, Yoga Therapy & Tarot available by appointment.
Special Event at The Yoga Barn (Aurora)
Friday June 9, 7-10pm
Women's Rejuvenation Evening Circle

You will experience a magical and medicinal blend of yoga, qigong and belly dance moves which will take you on a journey through the seven energy centers of your body (chakras) , shake up your juju, and get all your juices flowing!

Tuition $50-$60. Please contact Deborah to register:
Address/Directions will be provided upon registration (this special event is being held in a rustically elegant, cosy, and very welcoming private home studio).
***RSVP by June 7***
June's Tarot: Eight of Wands
Energy is picking up and things are really starting to move! You might be thrown off balance by the intensity of what swirls around you, or you might choose to channel that energy and yoke it to your goals and heart's desires. First: slow down, breathe, and go within to connect to what is truly important. Then focus your creativity accordingly, take action, and ride the wave until you reach your goal. Daily meditation will give you the clarity you need.
Tarot speaks a language of image, symbol and colour. It shows our minds that there are other solutions and perspectives available beyond our normal patterns. Consider a reading if you would like a fresh outlook on any aspect of your life; the cards are very loving and direct in their guidance. Contact me if you are drawn to a reading in person or by Skype or email.
Beaming Love and Light to you right now, Dear Reader! May you live in full and delicious embodiment.

Karusia Nirmala
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