Navigate November with grace and ease…

Navigate November with Grace and Poise:
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Beloved Reader!


I love fall, especially Scorpio season. It happens to be my birthday month, and I look forward to the crisp, clear air and colours that surround me. I also look forward to the Royal Winter Fair (horses!) and the Ekran Polish Film Festival (ancestral culture!).


This fall has also been demanding. Does anyone else feel as though things are speeding up? Or that extra challenges are popping up?


On my side, I’ve been making a conscious effort to express clear boundaries. I value being supportive, but I’ve tended to be over-accommodating, and I’ve given away too much of myself.


In two separate situations, I made my limits clear. In one, my needs were met and embraced, and the relationship blossomed in the most marvellous manner. In the other, all hell broke loose....


Having had decades of experience as a “people-pleaser”, I was thrown into intense doubt and second-guessing myself. Luckily, I had a very positive experience as an inner compass to ground me, and to affirm me.


In addition to the positive experience mentioned above, I also attended a wonderful yoga retreat in California. There, I was supported through nature, fresh air, healing food, the company of other seekers, and nurturing practices. I skipped email and FaceBook. I played qigong outdoors in the Santa Cruz mountains, before dawn. I had a beautiful tree as a companion, and stars above to remind me to connect with the Bigger Picture. In my cells, I felt my feet rooting into Mother Earth, and I felt my crown suspended by the heavens above. I could stand in the best version of myself: ennobled, connected, and contained. There, I always found peace.


Coming back home, I continued to be lifted as I recalled these nourishing experiences. I feel them once again as I write.


I drew upon this nurturing energy as I returned home to a very busy work week, organizing and administrating a large group workshop on behalf of a beloved teacher. As a result of tapping into positive alignment, I was able to enjoy all the tasks involved with the workshop. Each email was an act of loving connection, each errand was a step in welcoming the women who were gathering for the teachings. And each breath was an opportunity for deep gratitude to our teacher, her teachings, and the generous help of the Toronto team who pitched in with love. Everyone was getting ready to share in the healing and centering practices of qigong, and in the magnified energy of all the hearts coming together for the same reasons. It was a magnificent workshop, and I am still aglow....


Yoga teaches us that everything that comes to us is a benediction. The hard things as well as the sweet things. Everything is a lesson to be digested; all is an opportunity for growth, expansion, and compassion for self and other. Strength comes from aligning with gratitude, positive energy and positive people.


These days I make sure to include unstructured time each day. To walk, explore, gaze into space.... without guilt! These little oases also nourish me, and rest me. When I return to my tasks, they feel lighter and easier.


I continue to drink from the wellspring of Universal Love. I stand, walk, sit and lie down knowing that I can always remember to align with earth, stars, and ennobled human form. It is only a thought away, yet it takes care of everything. The old can fall away, and the new can flow in and draw me into its embrace.


I am grateful for you, dear reader. May you rest in oases of stillness, in the midst of the ups and downs of life. And may you be calmed and nourished as you take up the next leg of your journey.



May this fall be a season of letting go with ease and grace, and of filling up with Love and Light.


~ Karusia Nirmala

Ready to Be Radiant Workshop
The Lotus Rises Women's QiGong Second Series 

Learn and practice the 16 beautiful flowing and feminine movements of this series to clear, nourish, and rebuild your inner resources. Designed by master teacher Daisy Lee for women of all ages. Let's reclaim our juicy and radiant birthright!
Saturday November 23, 2-5pm. $50
In the Amenity Room at 21 Nassau St.
Light refreshments and practice handouts included.
RSVP here.

October Public Classes & Workshops

* No classes Tues. Nov. 5 - Thurs. Nov. 7 *

All classes are held in the Amenity Room at 21 Nassau St. Please enter through the garden pathway west of the main doors. The door is unlocked 15 minutes before each class. Mats and props are available.

Mondays (Nov. 4, 11, 18 and 25)
Hatha Yoga 5:30-6:45pm. $15.
Women's QiGong  7-8:15pm. $15.

Tuesdays (Nov.12, 19 and 26)
Restorative Yoga 5-6:30pm. $15.

Thursdays (Nov. 14, 21 and 28)
Hatha Yoga 5:30-6:45pm. $15.
Yoga Nidra 7-8:15pm. $20 

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*  *  *  *  *

Ready to Be Radiant: RLWQ Level Two
Workshop on Saturday Nov. 23 from 2-5pm. $50.
Details above.

Yoga and QiGong, a Perfect Pairing
Workshop on Sunday Nov. 24 from 1-5pm. $60.
Details below.
~ Sign up for both workshops for $100 ~

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*  *  *  *  *
I also have appointments available for
Reiki sessions
and Tarot readings.
Please contact me for details. Reiki sessions can be in person or done remotely, and Tarot can be read in person or over Skype, FaceTime or What's App.

Yoga and QiGong: A Perfect Pairing 
Yoga and QiGong bring us to health and self-realization through the skilful use of breath, mindfulness and movement. In particular, they teach us how to cultivate life force energy (qi or prana) throughout our life span. I have been combining the two modalities for over 7 years now, to the delight of my students and myself. We will draw on both arts to explore:
* the healing power of breath
* physical, mental and emotional alignment
* asanas (poses) that open energy flow and remove blockages
* loving our organs
* meditation and
* restorative rest

Sunday November 24, 1-5pm. $60
In the Amenity Room at 21 Nassau St.
Light refreshments and practice handouts included.
My Offerings

I support people to move, think and breathe in new ways that free them to be the best they can be. For this, I draw on a lifetime of exploration in dance, experiential anatomy, prayer, healing, yoga and qigong.

My training as a yoga therapist supplies many tools to help you balance your biomechanics, your nerves, your hormones, your thoughts and your emotions while learning new skills to boost your vitality and well-being. My background as an artist and mystic helps you to find beauty, harmony, meaning and magic on your healing journey.  

Hatha Yoga
Women's QiGong
Yoga Nidra
Restorative Yoga
Tarot and Oracle Card Readings
Yoga Therapy
Stress Release

~ Private sessions, corporate classes, holiday parties, speaking engagements by appointment~
Wheel of Fortune
The world keeps spinning, change is constant. Sometimes we are on top of the world, and sometimes we feel very low.

Soften into this truth; it is a dance! Life's challenges, as well as its gifts are all blessings. They are lessons and opportunities for the growth of our hearts and souls.

Remember that there is a still point at the hub of the turning wheel. Take a rest in this stillness whenever you need to align yourself and gather your resources. Say a prayer. Exhale deeply. Go for a walk in nature. Laugh with a friend. Play!

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