Spreading Joy in June

Spreading Joy in June! 
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Karusia Nirmala
With great respect and love for the sixteen bright souls who now gallop in heavenly fields. You will always live in our hearts.
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Beloved Reader!

This morning I went for lovely spring walk, and decided to pop into a local shop known for their delicious wood-fired bagels. The transaction of ordering and buying was businesslike and uneventful, but when I picked up the bagged sesame seed bagel, it was still warm... In delight, I exclaimed to the proprietor, “I love that this bagel is still warm from the oven!” Suddenly smiles broke out, and sincere wishes for a beautiful day were shared openly. 

I love how a smile, or a sincere compliment can lift the energy in so many situations. It may seem small, but it can have big results.


I remember another situation a few years ago when I went to pick up a rental car to drive to an out-of-town teaching engagement. I had booked online the night before, but so had everyone else in the waiting room. It was a summer Saturday morning, it was very busy, and there weren’t enough cars on the lot. Customers were getting angry very quickly… many were hoping to enjoy as much weekend as possible, and many bookings were time sensitive. People were taking out their disappointment and anger on the agents at the counter, even though the situation wasn’t their fault. In fact, the agents were doing everything possible to arrange cars from other locations, and to keep their cool. 


I weighed my situation and keenly felt all of my own irritations, anxieties and opinions bubbling up. I had allowed a comfortable driving time, but would I be late? OMG I would be letting my students down! Why was this happening? They should be more organized, etc. (You can add a few of your own comments here too; I know you know what I am talking about.) 


Luckily, meditation and yoga have ingrained some very practical tools into me. Pause. Take a breath. Reframe. Look for a different, and better, perspective instead of the usual habitual response.  I took a few deep breaths. I did some calculations about timing, and I also gave myself permission to call ahead and say I would be late, if it came to that. And then I started to look around and feel into the room.


The energy around me was foul. So much anger, irritation, blaming and worry… and it was growing as people continued to complain and find blame. Time seemed to crawl. Everybody’s situation was more important in their minds than anyone else’s; very few could see the Big Picture. Yes, it was an unfortunate circumstance, but we were all in this together. So, how to help?


Someone had to become an agent of change. That someone was me that day. It was time to introduce the antidote into the room: Spread Joy! As each customer in line got the news that their car had arrived on the lot, I let out a cheer and started a round of applause. I started conversing with people about their reasons to book a car that day, and heard lovely stories of family reunions and camping trips. This caught on, and in short time the whole room was celebrating as each booking was fulfilled. People were talking to one another, and even letting others go ahead of them if their need was greater. The energy in the room had completely changed. Even time seemed to be flowing more freely….


I know you are wondering, so I will tell you that I too got my car and made it to my destination just in time. Driving with purpose but without rushing, and with a light and joyful heart. (Okay, I didn’t have time to stop for my beloved espresso before teaching, but that was a negligible sacrifice under the circumstances!) I even used this true story as an illustration in my class that afternoon, as we were studying Yoga Psychology and Philosophy that very day.


So, the act of Spreading Joy led to a very Happy Ending. I’ll let you in on a little secret. That would have been plenty, but it didn't end there. There was also a Happy Ending, Part Two. Every time I booked a car after that day, I was given an upgrade at no extra charge. It turns out that the agents had talked about that morning all week, and wanted to show their appreciation. Wow. 


A little Joy can spread out in waves! I hope this little post has put a smile on your face, and planted a seed. And now, dear Reader, how can you spread Joy today? Let’s make this world a better and brighter place together, shall we?

Sending Blessings and Radiant Love to You,
Karusia Nirmala

June Public Classes

All classes are held in the Amenity Room at 21 Nassau St. Please enter through the garden pathway west of the main doors. Mats and props are supplied.

Hatha Yoga 5:30-6:45pm. By donation.
Women's QiGong  7-8:15pm. $15.

NEW CLASS!  Tuesdays June 5 and 26 
Restorative Yoga 5-6:30pm. $15.

Yoga Nidra 7-8:15pm. $20.

Spread Joy Through Radiant Lotus Women's QiGong: Saturday June 23
(see details below)
art by amy schimler-safford 

Spread Joy through Radiant Lotus Women’s QiGong!
Saturday June 23
@21 Nassau Street in the Amenity Room

10am-12:30pm. Radiant Lotus Women’s QiGong One. $45
2pm-4:30pm. Radiant Lotus Women’s QiGong Two, “The Lotus Rises” $45
Or, take both workshops for $80. 

Please reserve your spot by responding to this newsletter. 

Come for one workshop, or make a full day of it and come for both! Our time will be spent reconnecting with Joy, and spreading it liberally throughout our bodies, minds and spirits. 

Radiant Lotus Women’s QiGong will be our core practice, but be prepared for sprinkles of additional magic through sacred anatomy, belly dance, yoga, oracle cards and laughter, that will bring new and lasting insights. 

RLWQ is a woman’s health practice (think “Chinese Yoga”) designed by Daisy Lee to help women of all ages and abilities to feel better in every way. Level One introduces the foundational practices of breath, alignment and visualization and includes tapping, cupping, self-massage and sounding. Level Two adds practices that build strength and grace while connecting us even more deeply to Universal Energy and to our own personal feminine natures. This series take us on a sensual and alchemical journey home to ourselves.

Level One is available to all, and Level Two is recommended to those who have experience with RLQW1 or comparable disciplines. Please contact Karusia to help you decide, or if you have any questions.

Light refreshments are included.

What do I offer?
I teach people how to move, think and breathe in new ways that free them to be the best they can be. For this, I draw on a lifetime of exploration in dance, anatomy, prayer, yoga and qigong. I bring the sensibility of the artist and mystic to healing. My services include: 

Traditional hatha yoga. Ancient teachings for modern times. Blending movement, breath, concentration and meditation to build strength, symmetry, flexibility and equipoise. All levels.

Women's QiGong. The cultivation of universal healing energy in order to skilfully clear the way for vibrant health, inside and out. Based on Daisy Lee's Radiant Lotus Women's QiGong, a form designed to empower, connect and delight women everywhere.

Yoga Nidra. An extended relaxation accompanied by guided imagery that is guaranteed to rest your physical body and release mental tensions. 

Restorative Yoga. Luxurate in a series of supported yoga postures that allow your body and mind to experience deep relaxation, effortlessly. 

Classes are small, which allows me to customize for your needs. My training as a yoga therapist gives me many tools to help you balance your biomechanics, your nerves, your hormones and your emotions while having fun and learning new skills that will boost your vitality and well-being. My background as an artist helps you to find beauty, harmony and magic on your path. ~

I also offer the following services by appointment. Home visits are available. 

~ Private Classes
Yoga Therapy
Tarot and Oracle Card Readings (Consider hiring me to read for your party or corporate event!)
Instruction in breath and meditation

Reiki Healing and Laying on of Hands
Tarot: Three of Cups

The suit of Cups represents water, flow, emotions and intuition. Three's symbolize a boost of energy.

The message in this card is clear: it's time to celebrate! Winter is over; colour and sweetness are bursting around us.

Water connects us with the Moon, and She connects us to our feminine nature. Celebrate your own femininity and that of your sisterhood. There is so much to be grateful for right now. Count your blessings, let down your hair, adorn yourself, and kick up your heels.

Shine your light proudly and raise it high! Feed your Joy and see how everything falls into place.

This card is from the "The Star Tarot" by Cathy McClelland
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