Ready to Be Radiant Workshop: The Lotus Rises Women’s QiGong Second Series

Saturday November 23, 2-5pm. $50

Learn and practice the 16 beautiful flowing and feminine movements of this series to clear, nourish, and rebuild your inner resources. Designed by master teacher Daisy Lee for women of all ages. Let’s reclaim our juicy and radiant birthright! The movement flows include:

  • centering,
  • connecting with elemental energies,
  • releasing blocked energy,
  • nourishing our breasts, wombs and creative flow, and
  • reconnecting to our wholeness.

Yoga and QiGong: A Perfect Pairing 

Sunday November 24, 1-5pm. $60

Yoga and QiGong bring us to health and self-realization through the skilful use of breath, mindfulness and movement. In particular, they teach us how to cultivate life force energy (qi or prana) throughout our life span. We will draw on both arts to explore:

  • the healing power of breath,
  • physical, mental and emotional alignment,
  • asanas (poses) that open energy flow and remove blockages,
  • loving our organs,
  • meditation, and
  • restorative rest

* Special Offer: Sign up for both workshops for $100*

Light refreshments will be served, and handouts will be available.

Both workshops take place in the Amenity Room of the KML condos at 21 Nassau St.