Moving with Effortless Ease

Saturday February 15, 2-5pm. $50

Would you like to feel light and supple in all that you do? Would you like to age without succumbing to pain and stiffness?

Our world and circumstances often leave us feeling unstable, contracted, and with compromised breathing patterns. Our posture, emotions, thoughts, and energy levels are all compromised when this happens. And the downward slide continues.

The good news, is that we can change everything for the better by shifting any of the above elements. In this workshop, we will access transformation through re-education of our physical posture and the regulation of our nervous systems. It’s simple, and it works! I was introduced to these techniques as a young professional dancer, and they have served me well over a career of movement and teaching. And now, I want to share this wisdom with you.

Please join me for an afternoon of simple and effective experiential exercises to cultivate:

  • balance, by tuning in to the support of the earth
  • expansion, by tuning in to axial freedom, and
  • multidimensional breathing, by tuning in to the full potential of our respiration.

Your spine will feel longer and fluid. Your movements will feel effortless and graceful, yet precise! In addition, your mind will naturally become calmer.

We will apply these principles to some simple yoga, qigong and walking practices. Please feel free to bring a posture, or a task, that you would like support with (e.g. a yoga pose, a dance move, playing a musical instrument, working at your laptop, public speaking, getting up and down from the floor, etc.)

This workshop is trauma-informed. You are guaranteed a safe setting, and respect for your boundaries. Most of my teaching will be through verbal imagery and self-assists. Hands-on assistance will be also be available, with consent.

Light refreshments are included, and a handout will be available.

Location: the Amenity Room of the KML condos at 21 Nassau St.