More Free Living Somatics Lessons in March. Find out what it’s all about, or come back for more!

I am pleased to offer two more free Living Somatics lessons in March. Experience what it means to move slowly, with awareness, and within a range of motion that prioritizes freedom and ease.

Somatic methodology re-calibrates our nervous systems, reduces (or in many cases erases) pain, improves posture and well-being, and brings suppleness to our bodies and minds. And these are  just a few of the benefits.

Each lesson is one hour, which includes a short introduction to the method, as well as an opportunity to share afterwards, or to ask questions.

All you need is your willingness and curiosity, and a place to lie down. This could be on a yoga mat on the ground, or even on your bed. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you freedom of movement, and have a few pillows or folded towels available to use as props if they are needed. If you’re on the floor, you may wish to pad your mat or carpet with an extra blanket or two; cozy is best.

It is also helpful for me to be able to see you as you move. If possible, please adjust your laptop or device to show your body resting on the floor. This way, I can customize my feedback to your needs and to how you learn. If you are unsure of how to accomplish this, please reach out by email; I am happy to coach you. What you learn can optimize all other movement classes you take online.

This month’s focus is on releasing the spine and improving how we walk. These lessons take place over Zoom, and all are welcome.

Please email me if you would like to experience one or both of the following sessions:

Saturday March 5, 10-11am. “Pelvic Clock” and/or

Saturday March ¬†19, 10-11am. “Freeing Walking”.

Past Lessons:

Saturday Feb. 12, 10-11am. “Freeing the Hips” and/or

Saturday Feb. 19, 10-11am. “Activating the Core”.



Just for Fun! A Belly-Dance Class for Women on Sunday January 23, from 2:30-3:45pm.

Let’s shimmy, shake, undulate and move in ways that delight and raise our Joy Quotient! We will warm up with QiGong, and then play with iconic Belly dance movements and simple travelling steps.

No experience necessary; just bring your openness, curiosity and enthusiasm. You might also like to bring a hip sash or shimmy belt. Wear comfortable clothes that let you move freely. Bare feet are a good choice.

Sliding scale pricing, as you are able: $10/$15/$20. Please email me for further details.