group classes on Zoom

All classes currently take place on Zoom, until further notice. It is a joy to be able to gather together, and to practise in the comfort of our own homes at this time.

Please contact me by email and let me know which classes you would like to attend. I will follow up with your Zoom link for the class you have chosen.

For yoga classes, please have a yoga mat or towel available, and a pillow or yoga block (a book will do, too). For qigong classes, please have a chair available. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you freedom of movement. For yoga, bare feet are preferred, but for qigong, you can also wear socks, slippers or soft indoor shoes.

Suggested donation per class: $10-$15, as you are able. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Please email me for further info. 

Schedule for August, 2021. Regular classes resume on Wednesday August 4.


Women’s QiGong, 10-11am.

Tapping, cupping, sounding, and movement flows to nourish and rejuvenate women’s bodies, minds and spirits. For all ages and abilities, based on Daisy Lee’s Radiant Lotus form. Release tensions, and cultivate balance. Cultivate loving kindness to self first, and then share to others. 



Healing QiGong, 10-11am. 

Tapping, cupping, sounding, and movement flows to boost circulation, immune function, and well-being. Focus is on optimal breathing,  joint mobilization, healthy expression of emotions, and clearing the energy of our organs. Focussing on students’ requests, e.g. hips, arthritis, etc.



Hatha Yoga, 5:30-6:45pm 

Focus on enhanced breath, effortless ease, and therapeutic movements that are based on classical eight-limbed yoga. “Meditation in motion”. Somatic awareness is highlighted; namely moving mindfully in order to re-educate the neuromuscular system, and to age elegantly in a supple body and mind.

Yoga Nidra, 7:15-8:15pm. August 12 & 26  (2nd & 4th Thursday) 

Light movement to free the body, followed by a guided visualization to bring deep and transformative relaxation to mind, body and spirit. Yoga Nidra, or Divine Sleep, offers us deep rest in a world that is rushing around us. We emerge refreshed and rejuvenated, and carry this composure forward into our lives.