Radiant Lotus QiGong


Welcome to Radiant Lotus Women’s QiGong! RLWQ is an empowering self-care program with Tibetan, Chinese and Western roots, designed by master teacher Daisy Lee to give all women the tools to attain optimal radiant health, inside and out.

“Qi” or “Chi” is vitality, and “Gong” means path or cultivation. Thus, QiGong is “the way of vitality”, or “the cultivation of energy”. We combine physical movement, deep and gentle breathing, and positive visualization to make lasting changes.

Hormonal and emotional stress can become stuck in our bodies, affecting our immunity, digestion and reproductive organs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a woman’s sensitive breasts, her uterus and her ovaries are particularly susceptible to holding blocked emotional energy, which can lead to lumps and tumors, and sometimes cancers.

QiGong can free up our energy channels (meridians), dislodge old blockages and memories, reduce the effects of stress before it builds up to a critical level, and redirect our thoughts and bio-energy in a positive and life-affirming direction.

As women, we are natural nurturers and often take better care of our loved ones than ourselves! We may feel pulled around by the demands of jobs, family and relationships, and lose sight of our own needs and sense of autonomy. RLWQ brings us “home” to a place of calm and gentle strength.

It is wonderful to have access to simple and effective methods that maintain ease and flow in our bodies and minds. We “play” qigong to cultivate strength, stamina, health, flexibility and equanimity. RLWQ includes practices specifically for our breasts and reproductive system, so we can enjoy health at all ages and stages of our lives through the hormonal and emotional shifts of menarche, childbearing, lactation and menopause.

A full practice lasts about sixty minutes, and includes a brief warmup of shaking and swinging, a full cupping routine to awaken energy, a self-massage sequence, sound healing to free the voice and to vibrate our organs, several flows including the beautiful “Lotus Rises From the Waters”, and a closing dedicated to Kwan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion. Even a few minutes of daily practice lead to lasting changes!

RLWQ is suitable for women of all ages and abilities, and the exercises can be done standing or seated.

Let’s begin! Please check the Events Page for classes, schedules and pricing.

Yi Dao, Qi Dao

(Where the mind goes, energy flows)