What is ShaktiFlow?

Around 2005, I wanted to find the right name to describe the shape of my professional and creative path/s over my lifetime…..I seem to have been led on a journey by a small, clear voice or feeling. When I listen, this energy takes me on the most delightful travels and experiences!

I am also very interested in exploring the unique ways that a woman sees, feels, tastes, hears and moves through life. I think we women have a special perspective on things, and we need to share our voices with one another and with the world.

ShaktiFlow has become the name of this journey. “Shakti” (from Sanskrit, the language of Yoga) for the universal feminine power that commands and inspires me, and  “Flow” for the undulating and spiraling waves that move me forward on this path.

Sometimes the voice is very clear, and sometimes it sleeps. All my best decisions have come to me when I listen for the authentic yearning of my heart and gut. It manifests as a feeling, a pull towards something…..Logic and “sensible choices” are futile!

Some of the directions this pull has taken me are:

  • Ashtanga Yoga (first Pattabhi Jois, then the classical form of Baba Hari Dass)
  • Therapeutic and Healing Touch (i.e. energy medicine)
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Liturgical Dance (prayer dance in churches, convents and monasteries)
  • Pole Dance and sensual dance (princess warrior, vixen and fun, all rolled into one!)
  • Belly Dance
  • Radiant Lotus Women’s QiGong
  • Horses (riding, grooming, natural horsemanship)
  • Tarot

I will be writing more about each one of these topics, and posting pictures and links. (I can already hear you wanting to know more about the pole dancing……patience, please!)

The interesting thing is that all of these strands weave in and out and fit together quite beautifully. QiGong has taught me about Yoga, and has become one of my most successful medicines in Yoga Therapy; horses have taught me about Qi and pranayama; meditation has boosted my intuition for Tarot readings; Tarot has revealed itself as an intimate form of counselling, and so on…..

I look forward to sharing more of these stories with you. Please stay tuned.