Free Living Somatics Lessons in February! Find out what it’s all about.

art by Anita Burnaz

I am pleased to offer two free Somatics lessons in February. Experience what it means to move slowly, with awareness, and within a range of movement that prioritizes ease.

This methodology re-calibrates our nervous systems, reduces pain, improves posture and well-being, and brings suppleness to our bodies and minds. And these are  just a few of the benefits.

Each lesson is one hour, which includes a short introduction to the method and an opportunity to share afterwards, or to ask questions.

All you need is your willingness and curiosity, and a place to lie down. This could be on a yoga mat on the ground, or even on your bed. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you freedom of movement, and have a few pillows or folded towels available to use as props if they are needed.

Please email me if you would like to experience one or both of the following sessions:

Saturday Feb. 12, 10-11am. “Freeing the Hips” and/or

Saturday Feb. 19, 10-11am. “Activating the Core”.

These lessons take place over Zoom, and you are most welcome to attend.