Global Yoga Therapy Day is coming this August!

The Global Yoga Therapy Day Conference takes place online August 13-15, and this year’s theme is “Therapy for the Ages”.

This is a rich experiential and educational conference for healthcare professionals, yoga professionals and individuals interested in how Yoga Therapy can be holistically used to create better health and wellbeing for all.

Yoga Therapy offers techniques to bring peace and harmony to all parts of ourselves: in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. A wealth of information will be shared by seasoned experts and new voices alike, and will cover all aspects of Yoga as a healing modality. (Yes, there is much more to Yoga than its physical postures!)

I am delighted to present a Community Session on “Care and Feeding of the Joy Body” on Sunday August 16 at 6pm EDT. We will look at the anandamaya kosha, and find out how to cultivate and circulate¬†Joy as a medicine in its own right, as well as in combination with other modalities. This will be an experiential session for all ages and abilities, and will combine lecture with breath, movement and visualization practices.

As we continue to navigate the personal and collective challenges of our Covid-coloured world, Yoga continues to offer us stability, perspective and ease.

I invite you to discover more of the facets that make up the jewel of Yoga. Please explore the link below. I look forward to “seeing” you at GYTD this year!

Global Yoga Therapy Day